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Listen to the MicroKorg in decent quality stereo:

Yamaha MSP5A active nearfield monitors, Behringer Truth B2031A active 2 way reference monitors, Roland KC550 180W keyboard combo amp/speaker (you need 2 for stereo!)

Connect it to your PC or MAC with these:

Behringer FCA202, Edirol UA20 USB digital interface, Tascam US122 USB audio/MIDI interface, M-Audio-Audiophile 2496 - 4-In/4-Out Audio/MIDIPCI Sound Card

Build great tracks with a multitrack recorder:

Korg 4-Track digital recorder, ZOOM 8-Track portable digital recorder, Fostex 8-track hard disk-based recorder Korg D888 Digital recording Studio

Korg MicroKorg Description

Fun, low cost, retro-styled Analog Modeling synthesizer & competent midi controller, appeared in mid-2002, based on the capable though more complicated & expensive Korg MS2000B (replaced by the MicroKorg XL and Korg R3 (based on the newer Korg RADIAS). Great analogue sounds for dance tracks. Good DJ tool. Can work on batteries. A classic.

Size: 524mm (w) x 232mm (d) x 70mm (H); weight: 2.2 kg

MicroKorg video demo

Full specification of MicroKorg

Marketing blurb & sample MP3's for MicroKorg

Microkorg reviews

SoundOnSound, Jan 2003

Individual reviews posted on SonicState.com

MicroKorg resources

MicroKorg owners manual

MicroKorg quickstart guide

MicroKorg UK Support

MicroKorg Sound Editor software (free!)

Use your MAC or PC to edit and create sounds, create libraries of individual patches, custom sounds, and even global settings. The Sound Editor also allows you to name each patch, even though the microKoRG itself does not display these names.

Download Sound Editor for MAC & Windows

Alternatives to the MicroKorg

Microkorg XL, Korg R3, Korg MicroX

Kaoss Pad KP3, Korg X5D

Yamaha MM6

XioSynth, Novation K-Station

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